01 FebThree Core Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat

That you’re looking to get rid of belly fat is a good thing. It’s the most dangerous fat there is. Although doctors aren’t sure why they do know it’s related to a whole host of health risks.

If your midsection is large, then definitely try out these exercises for getting your stomach into shape and decrease your risk for heart disease and other serious problems.

Get Rid of Belly Fat Tip #1: Core Strengthening

Crunches. You’ve likely heard that these are things you need to do to tighten your stomach. They are an excellent exercise. However, don’t get caught in the trap of doing the same movements over and over. You’ll need to look for new variations on the crunch that will challenge your body and help it continually replace fat with muscle. Here’s an example. Instead of the standard crunch where you lie on your back with your feet on the floor, try raising your feet to a 45-degree angle and then scrunching. Or rest your legs on a chair seat. Lying with your back on an exercise ball while doing crunches is an excellent way to use a lot of core muscles in order to maintain balance.

Get Rid of Belly Fat Tip #2: Cardio Workouts

Our bodies tend to store fat in certain areas, largely based on genetics. Cardio training targets fat all over your body and ultimately any problem areas you may have. Therefore, to lose fat on your stomach, you’ve got to lose it everywhere.

First and foremost, the best cardio is the kind you stick with. But understand that there is much more to cardio than (often boring) treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines. Interval training – vastly superior to jogging – and super-set weight training build a strong, fit heart and body. And there’s no need to get bored, as there are all kinds of ways to get your heart pumping. Hiking, mountain biking, dance cardio classes, rollerblading and cross country skiing are just a few ideas. Find several activities that you like and make sure you’re doing them for at least 3-5 hours combined each week. However, if you truly want to learn how to do the right cardio while saving time and discover how to eat real food that actually helps you lose weight, you must learn the truth about abs.

Simple activities you can do every day to burn calories and get your heart pumping? Go for brisk walks (but not necessarily leisure strolls). Climb off the riding mower and push one around for a change. Join a fitness group at a local gym. Take up swimming. Enlist your kids to come up with active games that get your heart pumping. Buy a Nintendo Wii and have the most fun you’ve ever had at burning calories (seriously!). You can find them and a whole bunch of fitness games in our Amazon store! The sky’s the limit when it comes to activities. And best of all – the more you do it the easier and easier it gets.

Get Rid of Belly Fat Tip #3: Yoga

It will make you longer and your midsection stronger. That’s why yoga is hard to beat for not only help get rid of belly fat but for a number of other health benefits as well. Consider yoga’s stress reduction qualities. Stress is an enemy of your belly. Whenever we’re stressed, our brains produce the hormone cortisol, which tells our bodies to store fat on our stomachs. In prehistoric time periods when hunger was a very real threat, this storing of fat around the belly was a survival mechanism. Yoga’s breathing and stretching exercises release tension in the mind and body, therefore reducing cortisol and its tendency to store fat.

The poses common in yoga – especially those that involve balancing – are excellent at building strength all over the body, including the stomach. And the flexibility you achieve in yoga has lifelong benefits for mobility on into old age. Look at most hard-core yoga devotees and you largely see one thing in common: they have very fit, limber bodies. What yoga is right for your body type and present condition? Click here to get a custom yoga “prescription” so you can get the best results from this powerful weight loss tool!

Look to the health benefits of cardio, core strengthening, and yoga to help you get rid of belly fat. Your midsection and your quality of life will thank you for it.