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15 FebTexting program targets new moms

Popular technology is connecting expectant and new mothers with health and safety information about themselves and their new babies. The national Text4Baby program aims to increase women’s health knowledge, facilitate interaction with doctors, and improve appointment and immunization adherence. In an effort to get more New Mexico women enrolled in the texting program, the New […]

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14 FebWill Those High School Friendships Last (And Should They)?

Rach, the “teen” One of my good friends, S, is going to college a few states away from me. My two best friends, A and D are like brothers to me. Nothing can break our friendships. D and I are off to the same school (yay!), and A is already at college. It’s hard sometimes […]

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12 FebIsraeli forces invade Kufr Qaddum in an attempt to arrest protesters

Israeli forces invade Kufr Qaddum in an attempt to arrest protesters

Over 150 people participated today in the weekly demonstration in Kufr Qaddum. As every Friday, after midday prayers, protesters marched from the village’s mosque up to the main road, where Israeli forces were blocking the path. Clashes ensued and Israeli soldiers fired a few tear gas canisters at the crowd. Soon after that, soldiers and […]

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08 FebTreatment for Fungus Toenail and Fingernail Problems

Treatment for Fungus toenail and fingernail problems begins with a quick understanding of what toenail fungus is, how do you get it, and then discuss the best treatments for fungus nails. Toenail fungus and fingernail fungus are basically the same things but toe fungus is a bit more common because the fungus loves to live […]

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03 FebChemotherapy, Radiation, and Biological Therapy

Other forms of therapy are used in fighting breast cancer. Chemotherapy, radiation, and biological therapies are used in treating breast cancer throughout the body. Chemotherapy is a combination of drugs that are given through an IV or by the pill. The medication is carried into the bloodstream and travels through the body to kill any […]

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01 FebThree Core Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat

That you’re looking to get rid of belly fat is a good thing. It’s the most dangerous fat there is. Although doctors aren’t sure why they do know it’s related to a whole host of health risks. If your midsection is large, then definitely try out these exercises for getting your stomach into shape and […]

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