18 JanPeople Who Think They Don’t Stink

Writing about bathroom habits isn’t exactly an intellectual pursuit, but I do think it is something to be addressed for those that didn’t pick up the necessary awareness as a child. So, with that disclaimer, I write today about the riveting topic of shared bathroom etiquette.

A little background to this topic is in order. I work in a small office that shares a couple of bathrooms. There are two floors in a duplex office setup, of which we occupy one side of the duplex. There is a bathroom on each floor, so the two bathrooms are not gendered specific as it would be in a larger office atmosphere. The office personnel includes both genders, so obviously we share the bathrooms.

Before I go further, the topic today is not about whether to leave the seat up or down, which I am sure many of the female readers are primed and ready to rant about themselves. On that topic, I have mixed feelings. I am well-trained husband and do my part to conscientiously make sure the seat is, in fact, down before I leave the facilities. I even take this one step further these days because I have a one-year-old little girl who thinks toilets are her personal water-filled playground. The male occupants of our office are 90% married and all have obviously been well trained and I rarely if ever enter the facilities and find a toilet seat up. Moving on.

As the title so clearly indicates, I am talking about “number 2″ for the subject today, and how some people think they somehow have been blessed with the ability to perform this required bodily function without producing any odor. I assure everyone reading that this is of course not the case. The simple answer is to offer the simple courtesy of turning on the bathroom fan. If you don’t have a fan, spray some air freshener or light a candle. This is not much to ask for, is it?

In a small office, it is even worse than most any other. Offices are located right by the bathroom door and the bathroom often is within a short distance of the main office entry. Nothing is more embarrassing than having a client show up to experience an entryway that smells like an outhouse. Not only turn on the fan but please close the door.

I am not sure if it is one answer in every situation either. Some people may just forget or are out of the habit of taking care of the remnants of their bathroom usage, and in their own home, they can do whatever they darn well please for all I care. I personally paid extra in my home when building to have exhaust fans installed in every bathroom. There are others, though, that truly must believe they do not stink. I also feel required to make note that the biggest offenders on this, at least in my experience, are the women in the office. Oh, you may jump all over this and give me one example after another of men that are slobs that reveal what they can produce, and I wouldn’t say you are wrong. I stick to my guns though and think that there are more women that actually believe they don’t stink.

When it comes to a shared bathroom experience in an office atmosphere, this just doesn’t cut it. Let me tell you now, you stink. Granted, some people stink more than others, but we all stink, it’s a fact of life. Deal with it because I’d like to avoid hitting that wall of stench when I am headed in to take care of my business, thank you very much. I would much rather be barraged with the overwhelming scent of an artificial potpourri than the results of your bodily functions.

Hopefully, I have not overdrawn this picture for you, it is not one that we all need to have visuals for. There are less than glamorous aspects of life, and this is one of them. Just have the sense to offer some common courtesy and deal with it as we must. Thank you, that is all.