14 JanSolving the Internet Troll Problem

I have written previously about Internet Trolls and the annoyance they are to most community-based sites. Fortunately, WGG hasn’t seen all that many people commenting that are simply vying for attention. In fact, I have taken the administrative liberty of not approving those that are obvious flames intent on riling up the regular users. Call it censorship if you will, but I call it simply wise moderation based on experience.

This topic came back to mind when I read an interesting article discussing some high profile community troll problems and suggested solutions to those managing message boards and blogs in such situations. The article is an interesting read if you are a manager of such a site or even just an active participant in one or multiple online communities.

Though I don’t think there is really a final solution to ever rid our world of trolls and troll-like behavior, there are things you can do to discourage or avoid some of it. Whether it is a chat, forum, or blog, be wise and recognize that punk kid (or mentally young) troll who gets his/her kicks of-of riling you up. Don’t feed ‘em and they tend to move on. Good luck to those dealing with such situations.