Monthly Archives: January 2019

19 JanOvercomitting Myself

Previously I mentioned my penchant for having too many hobbies and not enough time or money to enjoy them. That habit really doesn’t stop with just the fun side of life as I find myself often overcommitted in work and things I volunteer to do. I am sure I am not the only one with […]

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18 JanPeople Who Think They Don’t Stink

Writing about bathroom habits isn’t exactly an intellectual pursuit, but I do think it is something to be addressed for those that didn’t pick up the necessary awareness as a child. So, with that disclaimer, I write today about the riveting topic of shared bathroom etiquette. A little background to this topic is in order. […]

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16 JanWhen Friends Get Hurt

Yesterday a neighbor (the wife) was seriously hurt in a bike/car accident. She is in intensive care under sedation for a week, on a ventilator and banged up pretty bad. There are many broken bones in her face and chest, but at this point, doctors are hopeful for a good prognosis. She has a long […]

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14 JanSolving the Internet Troll Problem

I have written previously about Internet Trolls and the annoyance they are to most community-based sites. Fortunately, WGG hasn’t seen all that many people commenting that are simply vying for attention. In fact, I have taken the administrative liberty of not approving those that are obvious flames intent on riling up the regular users. Call […]

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12 JanHello, How May I Help You?

Hello, How May I Help You?

I seriously miss the days when I would call a company, any company, and someone on the other end would actually pick up and say “Hello, (name of company), this is (insert name), how may I help you?” Today, anywhere you call, you have to get through a maze of phone prompts and interactive voice […]

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